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Name Type Quality Uses Description Drawback Load
Trance Powder Mundane I 3 A glittering blue powder. Induces a pleasant hypnotic trance when inhaled. Volatile: “Woozy,” lvl 1 harm
Standstill Mundane IV 1 A powder that causes temporary paralysis. Volatile: “Sickened,” lvl 1 harm
Spark Mundane I 3 A measure of raw electroplasm blended with seawater. The user feels empowered and emits mild electrical energy. Volatile: “Woozy,” lvl 1 harm
Smoke Bomb Mundane II 2 Creates a cloud of acrid smoke that’s difficult to breathe and stings the eyes. Conspicuous
Skullfire Alchemical III 1 Toxic fumes from overly heated leviathan blood. Causes incapacitating migraines. Volatile: “Sickened,” lvl 1 harm
Quicksilver Alchemical IV 1 A toxic metallic fluid. Te user’s mind opens further to the ghost field. Take +1d to Attune roll upon use, suffer level 2 harm (“Zoned-out”) Volatile: “Woozy,” lvl 1 harm
Grenade Spark-Craft III 2 A small explosive charge with a short fuse that detonates into metal shrapnel. Conspicuous
Fire Oil Mundane III 3 Erupts in searing flame upon contact with air.
Eyeblind Alchemical III 3 A powder that causes blindness for a moment. Volatile: “Sickened,” lvl 1 harm
Drown Powder Alchemical III 2 A fine dust that incapacitates by giving the sensation of drowning. Volatile: “Sickened,” lvl 1 harm
Drift Oil Arcane III 1 Creates neutral buoyancy when poured on an object, causing it to float in the air for an hour.
Binding Oil Alchemical III 1 Permanently fuses two surfaces until dissolved by alcahest or electroplasm.
Alcahest Alchemical III 1 A fluid that stops the effects of any other alchemical.
Ghost Scourge Arcane IV A plasmicly-charged chain connected to a spirit bottle, to entangle a spirit and draw it into the bottle. Conspicuous
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