Blades in the Dark

Campaign page for a Discord Blades in the Dark game, centered on a crew of Bravos in Crow's Foot, Doskovol.

So far, things discussed:

  • We're going to play on the default War in Crow's Foot situation. In short, Roric, the criminal boss of Crow's Foot, has been killed, and his second-in-command Lyssa has taken over his gang, the Crows. This has caused two old gangs in the district (The Lampblacks and the Red Sashes) to rekindle their old feuds into open war on the streets. Your crew of scoundrels can stand to profit from this chaos, or die trying.
  • The game will have a cinematic adventure tone, similar to Pirates of the Carribean. You're playing scoundrels - not necessarily heroes, but definitely not black and white villains. The follow through on consequences will be fairly light with Resistance rolls and the positioning and effect on actions will be generous, to encourage a lot of fun stunts.
  • The crew are Bravos who work as savvy sellswords, fighting for coin in the many urban battlefields of Crow's Foot (this means they work on the Crow's turf and need to decide how to deal with them). They plan their operations from an abandoned watch tower in the district's aging walls facing the Docks.
  • Gorbash is playing an Iruvian Leech, who moved to Doskovol with her parents when she was small but got stranded there when the family business at home collapsed. She has trained as a sparkwright and a rail jack, but fell on the wrong side of the law because of her shady profession and gambling addiction.
  • Cirno is playing a Tycheros Cutter, born with completely black sclera with green irises for maximum snowflake. He was part of a street urchin gang and looks capable of bouts of superhuman strength going by the ability choice.
  • Ettin is playing a Spider.
  • Ran is playing a Hound or Lurk.


Bravos (Savvy Sellswords)
Reputation: Audacious
Hunting Grounds Preference: Smash & Grab
Special Ability: Dangerous
Upgrades: Boat House, Bravos Rigging, Cohort (Gang, type Thugs), Training: Prowess
Favorite Contact: Conway

Faction Ratings
Crows [+2] Is in good terms with Conway
Inspectors [-2] Wants to pin down Conway through the gang
Red Sashes [+1] In good terms with Safiya
Billhooks [-2] Stole their boat house lmao

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