Sharps Factions
UNDERWORLD Tier Hold Status
The Unseen IV S 0
The Hive IV S 0
The Circle of Flame III S 0
The Silver Nails III S 0
Lord Scurlock III S 0
The Crows II W +2
The Lampblacks II W 0
The Red Sashes II W +1
The Dimmer Sisters II S 0
The Grinders II W 0
The Billhooks II W -1
The Wraiths II W 0
The Gray Cloaks II S 0
Ulf Ironborn I S 0
The Fog Hounds I W 0
The Lost I W 0
Imperial Military VI S 0
City Council V S 0
Ministry of Preservation V S 0
Leviathan Hunters V S 0
Ironhook Prison IV S 0
Sparkwrights IV S 0
Spirit Wardens IV S 0
Bluecoats III S 0
Inspectors III S -2
Iruvian Consulate III S 0
Skovlan Consulate III W 0
The Brigade II S 0
Sevorosi Consulate I S 0
Dagger Islands Consulate I S 0
FRINGE Tier Hold Status
The Church of Ecstasy IV S 0
The Horde III S 0
The Path of Echoes III S 0
The Forgotten Gods III W 0
The Reconciled III S 0
Skovlander Refugees III W 0
The Weeping Lady II S 0
Deathlands Scavengers II W 0
LABOR Tier Hold Status
The Foundation IV S 0
Dockers III S 0
Gondoliers III S 0
Sailors III W 0
Laborers III W 0
Cabbies II W 0
Cyphers II S 0
Ink Rakes II W 0
Rail Jacks II W 0
Servants II W 0
CITIZENRY Tier Hold Status
Whitecrown V S 0
Brightstone IV S 0
Charterhall IV S 0
Six Towers III W 0
Silkshore II S 0
Nightmarket II S 0
Crow's Foot II S 0
The Docks II S 0
Barrowcleft II S 0
Coalridge II W 0
Charhollow I S 0
Dunslough I W 0
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