Birds of Prey

It is Gotham City’s distant future: the year 2015. The Batman and his allies vanished a decade ago, leaving the city to spiral once more toward chaos and corruption. Yet the legacy of the Bat endures, as a new generation of caped crusaders and metahumans take up old codenames or create new ones and continue his war on crime. Some of them manage to make their slice of the city more crime-free. Many more don't live that long.

But through a series of texts, emails, and voice-distorted Skype chats, a mysterious employer known as Oracle assembles some of these vigilantes into a new team of superheroine operatives. Operating from a clock tower in Gotham’s Midtown, this team goes on missions together against organized crime, metahuman criminals, secret societies, and the legacy of Batman’s old foes throughout Gotham City and all over the world.

Can these different superheroines work together to make a difference? What will they discover about the fates of their predecessors? And is this really the same Oracle that helped the Batman all those years ago?


Player Characters

Supporting Cast

  • Dr. Johnathan Crane: Jazz's crotchety and weird dad; in Arkham Asylum for life, but gets to see his daughter occasionally
  • Janey Olsen: Supergirl's pal! Still texts and calls Kennedy a lot from Metropolis
  • Oracle: a mysterious voice that coordinates the operations of the Birds of Prey, she (?) seems to know exactly what to offer the cast in exchange for their help




  • LexCorp: one of the largest corporations on Earth; it's original founder is in jail for numerous criminal charges, but LexCorp still makes the Fortune 500 thanks to CEO Lana Lang
  • Mooney Syndicate: the rising star of the Gotham underworld, Fish Mooney runs the arms and drug cartels of the city with the help of her well-paid metahuman goons
  • S.T.A.R. Labs: Science and Technology Advanced Research Laboratories, an NGO with deep pockets that study metahumans and metahuman-derived technology and phenomena
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