The Eastern Marches



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The Splintered Woods

The Principality of Tashino

Princess Marika of Tashino

Jibu Academy

Headmaster Zhao Hualing

The Emerald Coast

Apostle's Bay

Captain Mino Imagawa

The Ashen Wilds

The Red Queen's Bones

Markham Fortress

Kurqen Lama Altani

Far-Away Lands

Dolavat Union

Once a nation that encompassed the Splintered Woods and the lands further north, Dolavat suffered for many centuries under a lineage of brutal tyrants. The people longed for freedom, to the point where some of them turned to Uncreated powers for salvation. These men and women gained unholy powers, most of the all the power to the command the dead. In a single night, a torrent of rotting abominations rose from the kingdom's graveyards, overran all opposition, and devoured the royal family to the last limb.

The Daqin States

Southern collection of trading city states whose civil wars spill in the borderlands.

Kingdom of Sankasya

Western medieval Indian empire who is aggressively expanding to her neighbors to the west but maintains a force of strength in the Eastern maches.

Theocracy of Nara

Eastern 18th century Japan who rules a trans-realm empire and sends expeditionary forces to seize other worlds.

The Tiel Isles

South eastern collection of dutch pirate states in archipleago.

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