Hydra Rider (Sample Character Sheet)

Name: Shogo “Sho” Yuuki
Codename: Explosive Taskforce Hydra Rider
Concept: Hero of Coastal City, one the first Masked Riders
Occupation: Marine biologist


Superhuman Abilities


Sho Yuuki is a hot-blooded young man with an unbridled passion for documenting undersea life. And training whales. A few years ago, he moved from Japan to the US West Coast to pursue a major in biology in prestigious Coastal City University. He always kept in touch with his family and the family business, though his years in Coastal City made him regard it as a second home. When the city harbors and beaches got rocked by an undersea earthquake, he volunteered with the emergency services to help with the disaster. Little did they know that the quake also awakened an alien presence from the beneath the sea. Known today as simply the Algae, these parasitic creatures surfaced into Coastal City and soon infiltrated into the vast city population.

Turned out Algae parasites grew and subsisted on human emotion, until they grew into giant monsters. The aliens started out feral; they fulfilled their host’s base desires then and attacked citizens randomly in their monster form. Eventually they developed a deadly intelligence, and soon launched various plans to subvert Coastal City into a Algae colony. In fact, Sho became infected by a parasite in one of those attacks, and almost lost control of himself if not for the timely rescue of his friends. Sho’s father, along with members of the Yuuki zaibatsu, soon attended to the infected man. As it turned out, the old family knew about the presence of the Algae for some time. For years, the zaibatsu labs have prototyped a weapon to contain the infection, as well as defeat the Algae in their own terms. Perfect time to use that containment unit.

Or the henshin belt. Sho has taken to the opportunity straight away.

Sho’s belt not only kept the parasite dormant, it also gave him the means to turn his emotions and will into a fearsome form that he controlled: Explosive Taskforce Hydra Rider! With this new power, Sho waged a long, grinding crusade against the Algae’s subversive machinations, with the help of his friends and the equipment supplied by Yuuki Industries. After many months of hardship, toil, romantic triangles and grave rivalries, Hydra Rider eventually defeated the Algae Elite and stopped the infection from where it came from: on a fault beneath the sea. It almost claimed his life. But he did it. And that’s when he became Coastal City’s greatest hero.

Being a local hero has its perks. He’s still in college, but the tuition is now being paid for by the amazing merchandising royalties he gets. The attention is great, too. He catches the eyes of the girls, as well as some other superhumans from out of town. Wonder what that’s about?


Point Total: 300 points
(2 for Archetype, 70 points for Stats, 72 points for Skills, 139 points for Miracles, 15 points for Base Will, 2 points for Willpower)
Experience Points: 2
Experience Spent: 0

Base Will: 10
Willpower: 14
Motivations: Keeping Coastal City safe (3), Honoring the Yuuki Zaibatsu (4), Getting the girl (3)

Archetype (2 points)

Masked Rider

  • Sources: Technological (0), Genetic (5)
  • Permissions: Super-Equipment (2)
  • Intrinsics: No Willpower No Way (-5)

Stats and Skills (142 points)

Body 3d (+3d)

  • Athletics 3d (+3d+1wd)
  • Block 1d ()
  • Brawling 3d (+1wd)
  • Endurance 2d ()
  • Weapon [_] 0d ()

Coordination 2d (+3d)

  • Dodge 2d ()
  • Driving [Jetski] 2d ()
  • Lockpicking 0d ()
  • Stealth 0d ()
  • Weapon [_] 0d ()

Sense 2d

  • Empathy 1d ()
  • Perception 2d ()
  • Scrutiny 1d ()

Mind 2d

  • First Aid 1d ()
  • Medicine 0d ()
  • Navigation 1d ()
  • Research 1d ()
  • Security Systems 0d ()
  • Streetwise 0d ()
  • Survival 2d ()
  • Tactics 1d ()
  • Knowledge [Marine Bio] 3d ()
  • Language [Japanese] 2d ()

Charm 2d

  • Lie 0d ()
  • Perform [_] 0d ()
  • Persuasion 2d ()

Command 3d

  • Interrogation 0d ()
  • Intimidation 0d ()
  • Leadership 2d ()
  • Stability 3d ()
  • Interrogation 0d ()
  • Intimidation 0d ()
  • Leadership 2d) ()
  • Stability 3d ()

Miracles (139 points)

Equipment: Henshin Belt (107 points total)

  • Focus Extras: Indestructible +2
  • Focus Flaws: Focus -1, Irreplaceable -2
  • Total Focus Modifier: -1
  • Henshin! 2hd (U+1; 1 per die; 4 points)
    • Useful (transforms to Hydra Rider) +1
      • Extras: Endless +3
      • Flaws: Focus (Henshin Belt) -1, If/Then (Must pose and shout the transform word to activate) -1, Self Only –3
      • Capacities: Self
    • Effect: The henshin belt tames Sho’s Algae parasite into a controllable form, transforming him into Hydra Rider! This power operates on sheer force of will and dissipates when Willpower reaches zero.
  • Rider Armor 2hd (D U; 10 per die; 40 points)
    • Defends (battle armor)
      • Extras: Permanent +4, Interference +3
      • Flaws: Attached to Henshin! -2, Armored Defense -2
      • Capacities: Self
    • Defends (reinforced interior armor)
      • Extras: Permanent +4, Hardened Defense +2
      • Flaws: Attached to Henshin! -2, Armored Defense -2
      • Capacities: Self
    • Useful (breathe underwater and resist underwater pressure)
      • Extras: Permanent +4
      • Flaws: Attached to Henshin! -2, Self Only –3
      • Capacities: Self
    • Effect: A strange marriage of advanced technology and an organic carapace with gills, the Rider Armor offers HAR 2 + Hardened LAR 2 along with the ability to dive indefinitely and in great depths.
  • Storm Blaster 2d+1wd (A+2; 4 per die; 24 points)
    • Attacks (shock gun) +2
      • Extras: Electrocuting +1, Penetration +2, Spray +2
      • Flaws: Attached to Henshin! -2, Focus -1, Accessible -1, Obvious -1,
      • Capacities: Range (40 yards)
    • Effect: The Storm Blaster appears alongside the Rider Armor, giving Sho the chance to blast opponents with bolts of electrifying lightning.
  • Rider Kick! 2hd (A+2; 4 per die; 16 points)
    • Attacks (supercharged jump kick) +2
      • Extras: No Upward Limit +2, Speeding Bullet +2, Engulf +2
      • Flaws: Attached to Henshin! -2, Slow -2, Obvious -1, Willpower Investment -1
      • Capacities: Range (20 yards)
    • Effect: A finishing move! Sho leaps to the sky and destroys his enemy with an electrified jump kick! This attack is ridiculously flashy, but cannot be easily avoided unless the enemy has at least 6d in Coordination. Sho must also invest at least 4 Willpower to activate the kick, though gets back the Willpower after it is performed.
  • Algae Exoskeleton (Hyperstat [Body]) +3d (2 per die; 6 points)
    • Flaws: Attached to Henshin! -2
    • Effects: Body is effectively at 6d, with all the assumed effects. Hand to hand attacks now do Killing damage.
  • Algae Reflexes (Hyperstat [Coordination]) +3d (2 per die; 6 points)
    • Flaws: Attached to Henshin! -2
    • Effects: Coordination is effectively at 5d.
  • Hyperbrawling (Hyperskill [Brawling]) +1wd (1 per die; 4 points)
    • Extras: Penetration +2
    • Flaws: Attached to Henshin! -2
    • Effect: Hydra Rider’s fists can break steel! Attacks done with Hyperbrawling have Penetration 2.
  • Hyperswimming (Hyperskill [Athletics]) +3d+1wd (1 per die; 7 points)
    • Extras: Go First +2, No Physics +1
    • Flaws: Attached to Henshin! -2, If/Then (Only works while swimming or diving) -1
    • Effect: As Hydra Rider, Sho’s agility on above and under water is fine to the point where it’s downright unnatural. Even the seaborne Algae monsters found it difficult to outmaneuver him during battles beneath the sea. All of Sho’s Athletics rolls while swimming or diving gain an additional +2 to width for purposes of initiative.

Vehicle: Sea Serpent (32 points total)

  • Focus Extras: Durable +2, Operational Skill (Driving [Jet Ski]) +0
  • Focus Flaws: Accessible -1, Environment Bound -1, Focus -1
  • Total Modifiers: -2
  • Effect: It is a cool jet ski from Yuuki Industries. Rides fast, stands up to small arms fire, very replaceable nonetheless.
  • Body 4d (4 per die; 16 points)
    • Extras: Booster (Speed) +1
    • Flaws: Focus (Sea Serpent) -2
    • Effect: Rides the open sea at 150mph. The Sea Serpent also has eight wound boxes.
  • Vehicle Plating 2hd (D; 4 per die; 16 points)
    • Defends (light armor plating)
    • Extras: Permanent +4, Hardened Defense +2
    • Flaws: Focus (Sea Serpent) -2, Armored Defense -2
    • Capacities: Self
    • Effect: Plating strong enough to take most small arms fire, this gives 2 Hardened LAR to the jet ski.
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