Sunny Halcyon Days!

The Republic of Kawasemi (known internationally as Halcyon City) is a sovereign city-state located at the midst of the East China Sea. Early history says that Japanese colonists, Western traders, and other seafarers explored and settled on the mysterious Kawasemi archipelago during the early 18th century, believing it to be part of the lost, mystical land of Yamatai. Though no one has ever managed to prove that connection (yet), Halcyon does tend to draw in the weird and fantastic towards its shores, moreso than any other city in the world.

Of course, when there's weirdness, there's also superpowers and therefore, superheroes. Three generations of them, in fact, from the Golden Shrike in the 30s, to the Incredible Super Five in the 60s, to the vigilantes of the 90s, and the young heroes today, superpowered pop-stars and outcast mutants alike.

Imagine tall skyscrapers and neon lights as far as the eye can see, full of neighborhoods and cultures from all over the world and even across galaxies and dimensions. Fifty-meter lizards made of radiation duking it out with colorful robots and superhumans that grow into incredible size. Young girls wielding the power of light against entropic forces born from the fraying cracks of the known universe. A fraternity of insect-themed, karate-chopping cyborgs waging an eternal war against the superpowered underworld. Imagine all that and more, as just another normal day in the city.

That's Halcyon. And this is where your superhero story begins.



Phantom the Doomed

Arcane the Protégé

Valkyrie the Star


Halcyon Datasheet

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