You are a celebrity in the city. By default, your audience is a limited group of interested fans, and you speak to them through after-action interviews and infrequent press conferences. Why does your audience love you? Mark all that apply.
☐ You're just like them
☐ You're a dangerous person, a bad seed
☑ You're a noble warrior for justice
☑ You're stunning, unique, and beautiful
☑ You're charming, well-spoken, and smart
☑ You're a firebrand, a rabble rouser


  • You have a PR agent to handle your audience
  • You earn a lot of money from their interest


  • They require major acts of heroism
  • They require novelty and brand new action

When you accept what your audience tells you about yourself, clear a condition. When you reject what your audience tells you about yourself, on a hit mark potential and expect retribution.

When you seek help from your audience, roll + Superior. On a hit, someone in your audience can hook you up. On a 10+, they only make a small demand. On a 7-9, their demands are a lot higher. On a miss, you’ve made a mistake, and your audience won’t help you until you’ve redeemed yourself in their eyes.

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