You were created with a basic understanding of the world. When you learn something that helps you make sense of the world, write it down as a lesson. Fill in two lessons when you create your character; fill in the other two when you’ve learned those lessons during play.

  • %%form_label{iam}%% %%form_data{iam}%%
  • %%form_label{should}%% %%form_data{should}%%
  • %%form_label{always}%% %%form_data{always}%%
  • %%form_label{never}%% %%form_data{never}%%

When you embody one of your lessons, shift one Label up and one Label down, your choice. If you cause a misunderstanding, collateral damage, or unintended consequences in the process, mark potential. When you reject one of your lessons, reject its Influence as if it were an NPC. If you choose to have it lose Influence over you, erase that lesson and write a new one in its stead.

When you approach your creator or caretakers with a problem, tell them what obstacle you face or what you need to achieve, and they will offer you something you need. The GM chooses one:

  • secret information
  • a way to temporarily boost or expand your powers
  • access to instruments, weapons, or resources
  • official and explicit backing

If you accept their help, they rewrite one of your lessons for you.

    type: text
    label: I am
    type: text
    label: A superhero should
    type: text
    label: Always
    type: text
    label: Never

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