Halcyon Datasheet

City of Halcyon

The Republic of Kawasemi (known internationally as Halcyon City) is a sovereign city-state located at the midst of the East China Sea. Early history says that Japanese colonists, Western traders, and other seafarers explored and settled on the mysterious Kawasemi archipelago during the early 18th century, believing it to be part of the lost, mystical land of Yamatai. Though no one has ever managed to prove that connection (yet), Halcyon does tend to draw in the weird and fantastic towards its shores, moreso than any other city in the world.

Of course, when there's weirdness, there's also superpowers and therefore, superheroes. Three generations of them, in fact, from the Golden Shrike in the 30s, to the Incredible Super Five in the 60s, to the vigilantes of the 90s, and the young heroes today, superpowered pop-stars and outcast mutants alike.

The government went out of its way to preserve the island's natural beauty even during the expansion years, and so half of Kawasemi is made of greenery scattered among woodlands, jungles, and carefully curated parks and gardens. Large self-contained residential towns are mushroomed all over the island, around the clean and modern city center. Halcyon is rebuilding itself all the time - what's sure and hip today will probably turn up different by tomorrow. But most people will tell you that Kawasemi is cut up into five districts.


The center of government and a thriving business center, the vast majority of Halcyon's wealth goes through here. This makes it the most patrolled area for many active superhero teams, as well as a favorite hangout for wannabe heroes who want to make their grand debut on the world. Much of the old colonial buildings still stand in Central, as do a scattering of ethnic neighborhoods such as Chinatown, Little India, and Little Manila, which attracts tourists from all over.

The Docks

A district that encompasses both the eastern Halcyon docks, a heavily industrialized sector, as well as a hip entertainment square, the Docks is a bit of everything that attracts people from all sides of the city. Recently, a battle against a Kaiju has damaged a large part of the district, partially submerging and poisoning it.


A large swath of land west of Central where most of the residential towns reside, connected to each other and to Central by an extremely efficient train and bus system. If you're a teen super, you're probably living somewhere here. Important places in Westside would include Mirror Lake Academy and the AEGIS headquarters.


A residential area in the north that's less populated than the rest of Halcyon and home to the famous Halcyon Zoo and famous superheroes who happen to be in tune with nature.

Shrike Island

The second largest island in the Kawasemi Archipelago, just south of the city proper, rechristened in honor of the city's first superhero. Accessible from Central by tram or boat, Shrike Island is an old military base converted into a tourist attraction, teeming with carefully managed gardens and amusement parks. Some of the greatest heroes of the Gold Generation have retired in Shrike Island, their super-mansions as prominent as the city skyline.

People of Halcyon


  • Yaya Dora - Phantom's grandmother. Smart and she's been looking into how to deal with this situation just as hard as jim.
  • Dionysus - The god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness, among other things. Phantom may be doomed to become him some day…
  • The Archive - Arcane's mentor, a superhero with the powers of telekinesis, telepathy, and power mimicry.
  • Victoria Kwan - NORN Project's wiz-kid marketer, Valkyrie's manager. Responsible for putting Valkyrie on the map by introducing her to Halcyon when they needed a hero the most.
  • Takeshi - Editor of EXCELSIOR, a media outlet following the PCs.


  • Red Banner - Also known as Haruka Li, the renegade scion of Li Heavy Industries. A would-be revolutionary who has fought Valkyrie many times.
  • Onslaught - A villain that lost to Valkyrie.
  • Komodra - A titanic lizard-like Kaiju that devastated the Docks district, and fended off by the super team. No one knows that he's actually the alter ego of a renowned scientist, both forms unaware of the other.
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