When a move tells you to mark a condition, mark any condition you choose. Sometimes the GM may tell you a specific condition to mark, especially after a hard move.

If you need to mark a condition and have no more conditions to mark, you are taken out. You lose consciousness or flee. The GM will tell you when you come back into another scene. You may clear one condition.

Once a condition is marked, take -2 to certain moves (max -3).

  • If you’re Angry, take -2 to comfort or support someone or pierce the mask.
  • If you’re Afraid, take -2 to directly engage.
  • If you’re Guilty, take -2 to provoke someone or assess the situation.
  • If you’re Hopeless, take -2 to unleash your powers.
  • If you’re Insecure, take -2 to stand in defense or reject what others say about you or the world.
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