When someone has Influence over you, it means you care about what they do, say, or think. At any time you can give Influence to any character who doesn’t have Influence over you. All adults have Influence over you when first introduced.

When you have Influence over someone, take +1 to all moves targeting them, including rejecting their Influence.

When you take advantage of your Influence over someone, surrender the Influence you hold over them to choose one:

  • give them -2 on a move they just made (after the roll)
  • inflict a condition on them
  • take an additional +1 on a move targeting them (after the roll)

When someone with Influence over you tells you who you are or how the world works, accept what they say or reject their Influence. If you accept what they say, the GM will adjust your Labels accordingly; if you want to keep your Labels as they are, you must reject their Influence.

When you reject someone’s Influence, roll. On a hit, you successfully hold to yourself and tune them out. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one.

  • clear a condition or mark potential by immediately acting to prove them wrong
  • shift one Label up and one Label down, your choice
  • cancel their Influence and take +1 forward against them

On a miss, their words hit you hard. Mark a condition, and the GM will adjust your Labels.

If you have Influence over a teammate and you would gain Influence over them again, immediately shift one of their Labels up and one of their Labels down, your choice.

If you have Influence over an NPC and you would gain Influence over them again, take +1 forward against them.

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