Factions & NPCs

Ophean Entente

Domain of Welhaz

A small but strategically important nation that for centuries was the gateway between the north and the south. The Domain was originally a province of a great empire, and ended up being the last direct successor state to survive. As a result, Welhaz has a reputation for having a military that could punch above its weight class. That didn't prevent them from being conquered during the War. The armed forces fought on in exile, and managed to retake the large island of Isarnom. Unfortunately the truce left the mainland in the hands of the Hegemony. Welhaz is technically a constitutional monarchy with the Queen as head of state answering to an Assembly. Since to the conquest, Isarnom and the Welhazian colonies have effectively been run by the Supreme War Council (ROK).

Unit Skald

Commander Rose Almstedt

Captain Anna Makarov

Linasan Hegemony

Space Colonies

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