Safiya de Laroche
CONCEPT Ace Pilot Turned Magical Girl
MARK OF POWER Glowing ice blue eyes
MAGE OUTFIT Black leotard with blue detailing, white cape, translucent blue wings,
PLAYER Gorbash
☐ Always calm under pressure
☐ Easily embarassed
☐ Surprisingly beautiful singing voice
☑ [5] Aerobatics
☑ [4] Quickness
☑ [3] Melee Weapons
Name Type Cost Effect
Tactical Maneuvering When you are the leader, the limit on the number of strike and charge dice you can earn in a combined maneuver and the limit on how many strike dice the characters in a combined achievement can spend are raised by 3. You can take this power up to 2 times. It does not apply to maneuvers or achievements your character performs on her own.
Super Combo Strike Action 1+ Charge Dice This power allows the user to make a combined strike with another character. For each charge die you spend, a character of your choice gains a bonus die to their strike this round. Your character now actively participates in that strike, which probably includes all sorts of flashing lights, energy beams, tremors, thunderclaps, vaults high into the air, characters tossing each other at the enemy, and so on. You can combine this power with other strike powers if you have the charge dice to pay for them.
Squad Tactics This power grants 1 bonus die to the leader of any combined maneuver or combined achievement in which this character participates (whether the character applying this power is the leader or not). If more than 1 character in a combined maneuver or combined achievement has this power, the bonus dice from all such characters apply.
Soulbound Weapon The character forms a spiritual or demonic bond with a weapon. The weapons can range from human-sized swords to gauntlets with claws to magical pistols or any other kinds of items that grant the wielder power. The weapon has 1 effect slot that you fll in when you frst acquire it. Any character with the Soulsmith power can change the effects during the course of your story, if your PC allows this to happen.
Resilience Raise your character’s defense by 1. You can take this power up to 3 times.
Quicken Action 2 Charge Dice This power grants the Quickened condition to a character designated by the power user. Until this condition is cleared, the character gains 1 bonus die to all maneuvers.
Maneuver Boost The limit on the number of strike and charge dice you can earn in a maneuver is raised by 1. You can take this power up to 4 times. It does not apply to combined maneuvers.
Leadership When your character is the leader in a combined maneuver, you can distribute the dice gained among the involved players. The limit for earning 5 dice altogether still applies (unless your character also has Tactical Maneuvering). Any player to whom you distribute 5 or more dice (including yourself) earns an Awesome Token as usual. In addition, when you are the leader in a combined achievement, every other participating character can use their applicable powers (by paying the required charge dice), if they have any, to add to the group’s dice roll.
Heroics Achievement 2 Charge Dice This power adds 4 bonus dice to an achievement roll.
NAME Sword of the Sky DESCRIPTION A translucent crystalline double edged sword that shines with blue light
WEAPON EFFECTS Sword of the Sky
Total Slots 1
Slots Used Name Effect
[1] Multi Strike You gain 1 bonus die to all strike rolls against squads.

Safiya dreamed of being Resonance Mage as a child, but her family were stolid tradesmen without an ounce of aristocratic heritage, so it was not to be. During the war, Safiya served with the 13e Escadrille (les Swanaz, "the Swans").

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